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Online Courses

Beginning with the Self

Authentic and compassionate communication starts with self connection and awareness. When you are connected to your self and the needs which motivate your thoughts and actions, you are able to create meaning and purpose intentionally.


This 12 practice course guides your through a process to improve your self understanding and connection. In addition you will learn how to use your self communication to create a more connected, true and wonderful world for you and all your relationships to thrive in.

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Beauty and the Beast

Join me for a dive into the beauty and the beast of being.  I call this 3 part series Beauty and the Beast to honor the truth of my life experience, that we are all beautiful beings with precious life giving needs AND, that sometimes our needs emerge in our behavior like a furious, confused, and fearful beast.   


This meditation course guides you through a loving process using the song "See me beautiful" written by Kathy and Red Grammar.  

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The Gratitude Challenge

Join me on a 4 day challenge for practicing Radical Gratitude. Watch and practice with 4 videos which guide you through 4 practices for deepening and empower your gratitude. As David Steindl-Rast shares, "“It’s not joy that makes us grateful, it’s gratitude that makes us joyful.”

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Transforming Anger

Understanding your relationship with anger is the first step in transforming your expressions of anger so that they support peace and connection rather than harm and disconnection.  This 4 video course will take you into a deeper connection with your anger, how to understand it, embrace it, and transform it into something which empowers connection rather than destroys it.


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