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The Fellowship of the Wandering Hats

Once upon a time, there was a hat with a wandering soul...once it that time this hat found me, a girl looking for a partner to wander with. We found each other...and our wandering journeys began. I call her "O". She's the original. She's wandered across the country and the globe with me. She's wandered with me through tears, laughs, songs, dances and lots of falling and getting up. Together we've on mountain tops and beaches. We've wandered by paddle board, bike, foot and even rope. Together we've lost ourselves and found ourselves many times. We've endured sun and rain. We've wandered through multitudes of adventure and wandered into armfuls of people.

Magically, O's wandering soul motivates others to reach out from the separate lives and connect with me, usually by saying, "I like your hat." It's these shout outs that inspired
 me to start the fellowship of the wandering hats. these words, "I like your hat" seem to convey more than the admiration for a hat, they also seem to say, "I like your sense of adventure, joy and wonder. I could use more of that in my life." I lo
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