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Beginning with the self

As with all things, Courageous and Compassionate Communication starts with self connection and awareness.  When you are connected to yourself and the needs which motivate your thoughts and your actions you are able to create your life with intentional meaning and purpose.  During this 12 lesson "challenge" you will explore your judgements and the beautiful wisdom they offer you.  You will learn to follow the signs your feelings leave you so that you can connect with your precious life giving needs.  You will practice making requests which nourish life.  Bringing all these skills together self awareness will be awakened and empowered.

Beauty & the beast

Welcome to this dive into the beauty and the beast of being.  I call this 3 part series Beauty and the Beast to honor the truth of my life experience, that we are all beautiful beings with precious life giving needs AND, that sometimes our needs emerge in our behavior like a furious, confused, and fearful beast.   I have found that it is possible to see through the behavior of the beast to the underlying beauty of the needs and the person, and in so doing I free my heart to do as it wants to do, to love with joy and ease.  My hope is that in sharing these three meditations with you, you too will experience an increase in freedom, joy and loving connection. 

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