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One day on earth

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Today is your one and only day. 52 little practices for a year of big change.

ONE day to live.

The Practice: You have one day to live. It is your first and only day on this world and in a human body. What will you do with the day?

This is similar to the previous practice in that you are imagining you have only one day to experience being human on this planet Earth. It’s different in that the previous practice brought you into your current life. You were instructed not to change anything about what you normally would be doing that day. Instead you were prompted to experience what you normally experience as if it was the first and only time you would get to experience it. This encouraged you to experience what you do every day from a new perspective.

You can do anything!

This week's practice also has you imagining only one day to experience life in a human body on this earth. The difference with this practice is that you can do anything you want on this day. Imagine you have no past and no future, only today, to be in your human body and on the human earth. So…If you had only one day as a human on this earth, what would you want to experience on that day? What would you want to taste, to feel, to hear, to do?

You have no past, no future. Only today.

This is NOT a practice in imagining your last day on earth as who you are. That’s another practice. On that day you might, for example, decide you want to talk to as many loved ones as you can. This week's practice imagines you have no past relationships, no past earth experience. You have only today.

What will you do with your one day?

THE PRACTICE: When you wake up in the morning pretend it is your first and only day as a human being on this earth. You can do anything you want (given the resources at your disposal). Spend the entire day experiencing what you want to experience as a human. Taste what you want to taste. Touch what you want to touch. See what you want to see. Listen to what you want to hear. Ask yourself what you want to feel, and then do the things which ignite those feelings in you. Connect with others and the earth in the way you want to connect.

No consequences?

I suppose you could take this practice as “permission” to trample the earth and other beings - given that it’s your only day and in this imaginary world you might think you won’t experience consequences. But why would you want to do that? Remember - there are no cultural or human rules telling you "you shouldn't or you can't". You are coming into the human body as a divine soul. There is no rebel in you because there is nothing to rebel against. You divine soul is naturally reverent and connected to the beauty and dignity of all life and non-life.

You are timeless. You are all.

I believe our consequences exist no matter how our energy manifests, whether as humans on this earth or as energy soaring through the heavens.. When we harm others, we harm ourselves. We are one. We are what is. What is, is us. So…even in this imaginary world, harming others, harming the earth, harming anything is an act of self harm. Perhaps, as you consider how you would like to experience this one day of yours as a human on earth you can consider how your choice will affect your cosmic everlasting self, and choose experiences which include care for the whole, your whole, our whole.

I’d love to hear about your experience, how every you live it - even if you only do this for an hour, or three hours, it will be a gift. Tell me about it! Please.

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