What does it mean to have Lov-In in your organization or community?

When I consider "love" in business I am think of communication and systems within organizations which actively support the dignity of all touched by the operations of the organization. The organization recognizes, values and supports human connection. Organizational health is built by leaders and systems committed to ensuring every team member:

  • be free from coercion, violence and intimidation

  • be told the truth

  • be given opportunity and encouragement to engage with decisions which affect them

  • understand clearly why decisions are made

  • understand clearly what is involved in any policy or decision made which will affect them

  • understand clearly what expectations are put on them and their work and what consequences are

  • understand demands and be able to say no to requests

  • is encouraged to hold and express differing points of view

  • is encouraged to communicate needs

  • is allowed to set boundaries concerning privacy needs

  • knows that members in the organization will work with them to resolve problems that arise

  • is encouraged to grow and change

  • is encouraged to acknowledge and learn from mistakes.

In so doing, all members are challenged and given the support they need to contribute their ever expanding full potential.

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