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What do you practice?

52 little practices for a year of big change.

I offer this practice by practicing it myself.

I have a REQUEST OF YOU!: Please share with me little practices you use in your life to cultivate the life you want to be living. Whether your quest be peace, success, joy, connection, all of the above, something completely different, would you share your practice with me?

In addition to asking you to share your practices with me, I offer you the practice of asking others how they practice life.

Here are some examples "What do you think about when you consider your breakfast?" "How like to start your day?" "How do you celebrate?" "What do you celebrate?" "How do you end your day normally?" "How would you like to end your day?" "How do you prepare for a day of collaboration?" "How do you prepare for a challenge?" "What do you like to learn about others?" "What's your joy practice?" "How do you calm yourself?" "How do you replenish your energy?" "What's your favorite way to connect with others?" etc...

What kinds of practices would you like to learn from others?

Let me know what you think!

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