The Dalai Lama, "only an ordinary human being..."

In the first chapter of Ethics For The New Millennium, when talking about the many who travel from afar to visit him, the Dalai Lama shares, "Unfortunately, many have unrealistic expectations, supposing that I have healing powers or that I can give some sort of blessing."

“But I am only a human being. The best I can do is try to help them by sharing in their suffering. — Dalai Lama

Perhaps the message here is not that the Dalai Lama doesn't have healing powers but that his power to serve, isn't extraordinary, in-fact, as "an ordinary person" what he offers is something that we all have the potential to offer, that ability to sit with others in their suffering. Perhaps it is disconnection which is at the heart of our most intense suffering - and by simply sitting with another, compassionately acknowledging and accepting their pain, without trying to change it, we relieve their greatest heartache, that of being alone and unknown.

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