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Practices to build, support, and restore relationships. 

including your relationship with yourself

Online & In-person with Liesbet Bickett

“We cannot live only for ourselves.   A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow [human]; and among those fibers, as sympathetic threads, our actions run as causes, and they come back to us as effects.” 
― Herman Melville

Meet Liesbet

Coach, Trainer, Consultant

As a professional coach, trainer, and consultant, I have been using Restorative Practices and Non-Violent Communication to support communities, businesses, families, and individuals since 2012.

All communication, even when uncomfortable and difficult, is an opportunity to learn about the self and others, to grow as a fully alive being.

Communication is a chance to create trust and deepen connection in relationships, even and especially in relationship with yourself. When you have clarity about what matters most to you, and are able to connect with yourself and others with compassion and respect, magic happens.

I work with my clients to gain deep self-connection and use that connection to relate to others with clarity, compassion, meaning, purpose, and willingness. Together, we develop the capacity to listen to others even when their message is hard to hear.

In addition to my work in Restorative Practices and Non-Violent Communication, I am now offering services as a death doula and spiritual listener. As a death doula, I provide compassionate support and guidance to individuals and families navigating the end-of-life journey. My aim is to create a sacred space where people can find peace, dignity, and connection during this profound time.

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Through spiritual listening and exploration, I help clients uncover deeper layers of their spiritual selves, fostering growth, healing, and transformation. Whether you are seeking to understand your spiritual path, find solace in times of uncertainty, or connect more deeply with your inner wisdom, I am here to walk alongside you on your journey.​


I invite you to explore these offerings and discover how they can enrich your life and relationships. Let's connect and create the magic of meaningful, compassionate, and transformative communication together.

Liesbet's workshops have enabled me to reach so many insights with my relationships, and in understanding myself. She guides me through self-conversation (and self-connection) so that I can see issues with much more clarity. I feel deep relief when I reach this place. And it is amazing that the wisdom is often within me! Liesbet's guidance helps me to reach that wisdom when I can't seem to connect with it by myself.

Nicole Morton, 

After 6 years of NVC practice I finally feel like compassionate communication comes from within me! And it’s because of Liesbet’s practice circle. Weekly practice with folks who are also practicing and the gentle wisdom and guidance of Liesbet, has literally changed my life, my relationships -- and even helped me shift gears to take on a communications job thats very aligned with my values, one that I otherwise would have hid from.

Nastassja Noelle,
North Carolina

Liesbet has been invaluable to me, and others in our groups, in terms of her teachings, but also in her personal style of being honest, open, fun and nurturing, which tends to accompany her guidance and support. She is one of the most open-minded, nonjudgmental, and accepting healers I have encountered. I believe it is her ability to facilitate a safe, trusting, and respectful environment, coupled with her knowledge and flexible, yet organized, structure which has contributed to her proven track record of success.

Shae Loveless,


Experience deep, compassionate, sacred one-on-one listening and guidance. A beyond listening session is unique to you, unique to the moment, unique to the space. Each session includes deep listening, guided meditation and loving de-briefing. 

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Practices to maintain and restore relationships during and after harm. Support navigating harm and healing within relationships. Practices to prevent and minimize harm within relationships.

Inspired and informed by Non-Violent Communication and the social science of Restorative Practices, Conscious


Communication peels back the layers of the English language, teaching you how to use your words to communicate the truth of your experience rather than the stories in your head.


Unlock the beauty and divinity within you through our Inner Discovery and Welcoming Coaching. This offering guides you on a journey of self-discovery, self-respect, self-understanding, and self-compassion. Connect with your heart and soul, and see and love the inner being that dwells within your powerful human body.


We are all beautiful, divine love energy, occupying the human body to learn and grow our souls. This coaching helps you connect deeper with your inner truth, listen to your heart, and become more alive in your life. Recognize, welcome, and integrate your true self into every aspect of your life.

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Offered at your place of work, home or community space

I bring the workshop to you, so gather your crew for a few hours to a few a days of discovery, growth, learning, connection and transformation. You can choose from a collection of pre-designed workshops or have one create specific to your needs.

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