“We cannot live only for ourselves.   A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow [human]; and among those fibers, as sympathetic threads, our actions run as causes, and they come back to us as effects.” 
― Herman Melville

Imagine a world where all are engaged at their highest capacity, having their gifts received and appreciated. When we are able to live with authenticity, love and courage, the world is a better place.  

It is my calling to support leadership which creates and maintains spaces for individuals and teams to thrive.

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Join others in weekly communication practice.  These groups use your real life scenarios to gain clarity, understanding, peace and effectiveness in your relationships with others and yourself.

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Empowered Listening


Using exploratory listening circles we build trust, safety, willingness, and motivation within your team and organization or community. 

Join the move toward courageous and authentic leadership and team building.

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When you have a difficult communication in your future, whether in writing or in person, coaching, writing and/or editing help you communicate so others can receive your message peacefully.

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No cost to participate

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As a professional coach, trainer and consultant, I have been using Restorative Practices and Non-Violent Communication to support communities, businesses, families and individuals since 2012. 

Conflict is an opportunity to learn about the self and others, to grow as a compassionate being, AND to create trust and deepen connection in relationships.  When you have clarity about what matters most to you, and are able to express yourself with compassion and respect of the other, magic happens.  


Together we create space to enter into conversation with clarity, compassion, meaning, purpose, 

willingness, and the capacity to listen to others, especially those who are hard to hear.